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Gourmet Seafood Dishes Delivered

Mackenzie Limited was founded on our award-winning Scottish Smoked Salmon and gourmet seafood delivered. We only source the finest seafood from around the globe. We certify the origin of all of our gourmet seafood dishes, from Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, Lobster Pot Pie, Fried Calamari, Cream of Crab Soup, and beyond, ensuring both quality and freshness. Only the best of the best are selected for our gourmet seafood meals delivered.

The Finest Frozen Seafood Delivered

Have our wild-caught seafood, that is flash-frozen for optimal freshness, delivered for any occasion to enjoy. Our seafood entrées make restaurant-quality meals that you can enjoy yourself or send as a gift. Order a seafood delivery for a taste of the East Coast anytime you crave New England cuisine. Enjoy gourmet seafood dishes for weeknight meals, romantic date nights, or dinner parties.

Give friends and family a gourmet seafood gift by sending them any of our frozen seafood dishes. Send savory seafood entrées to someone who appreciates the fine delicacy of New England seafood cuisine.

Best-Selling Gourmet Seafood Dishes Online

At Mackenzie Limited, we offer an exquisite selection of gourmet seafood meals, from crab, salmon, lobster, and shrimp dishes to entrées featuring scallops, calamari, mussels, oysters, and trout. In our seafood collection, you’ll find all of our gourmet seafood dishes, including soups, appetizers, sides, casseroles, and entrées. See some of our top-selling options for gourmet seafood delivery featured below.

Delicious Salmon Entrées

Enjoy sustainably sourced salmon dishes expertly prepared with exceptional flavor and texture. A few of our customer-favorite salmon meals include:

Savory Crab Dishes

Upgrade your at-home dining experience with our tasty seafood meals featuring plenty of tender crab meat. Some of our best-selling crab meals are:

Delectable Lobster Dinners

Our gourmet lobster dishes are flavorful and buttery – full of succulent lobster meat. A few of the featured lobster meals include:

Luxurious Shrimp Cuisine

Indulge in expertly crafted dishes featuring large, juicy shrimp. A few of our delectable shrimp dinners and appetizers are:

Creamy Seafood Soups

Enjoy the comfort food of creamy seafood soup anytime. Some of our most popular seafood soups include:

Other Customer-Favorite Seafood Cuisine Options

When you are craving gourmet seafood, we offer the finest ready-to-bake seafood dishes, including:

Order Seafood Online

All our gourmet seafood is sourced from the best fish markets across the nation. Each of our gourmet fish dishes is hand-crafted with premium ingredients for a delectable meal. When you order seafood from Mackenzie Limited, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the highest quality frozen seafood delivered – ready to bake and serve.

See our entire collection of gourmet meals in our online food catalog. We have everything from the finest seafood and beef to poultry and pork and lamb entrée options.

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