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Scottish Smoked Salmon Delivered

Our Mackenzie Scottish smoked salmon is a simple expression of luxury, cured in Scotland and skillfully pre-sliced to translucent thinness. A genuine Scottish product of world renown, it is a food of exquisite delight coming from the monarch of fish, the Scottish salmon.

The Finest Scottish-Style Smoked Salmon

Have our Scottish-style smoked salmon delivered for parties and fancy events, or simply enjoy it during the week as an indulgent meal. We deliver smoked Scottish salmon across the nation, and it’s guaranteed to arrive fresh and ready to eat. You’ll enjoy the smooth buttery texture of the perfectly trimmed Scottish smoked salmon, unlike any other seafood you’ve ever tasted. The distinct smoky flavor comes from the process of cold-smoking the Scottish salmon using oak and whisky barrels to give the salmon its delightfully smoky flavor.

Top-Selling Scottish Smoked Salmon Products

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Order Smoked Scottish Salmon Online

Place an order of Scottish smoked salmon to treat yourself, or send it as a gift to friends and family. You can order Scottish smoked salmon online for any occasion, whether it’s a meal for the holidays or a gift to give to those you care about the most. For additional gourmet seafood choices, we encourage you to take some time to browse our entire selection of smoked salmon online. Take some time to flip through our gourmet food catalog for other specialty foods.

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