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Dinners for Four Delivered

Surprise your family with exquisite dinners for four delivered to your doorstep. When you order meals for four from Mackenzie Limited, you’ll discover a full dinner with multiple dishes that will feed four people. No two meals are the same, so you and your loved ones will be able to experience new flavors and aromas every time you order meals for four from our website. And, if your group is smaller, you can still order Dinners for Two with the same great tastes. Simply open up the package, and follow the instructions to get started. Some meals can be cooked from their frozen state, while others will require thawing, so make sure you prepare accordingly.

A Wide Variety of Meals for Four

Mackenzie Limited delivers dinners for four that will suit any family or group dynamic. Dishes will feature an entree like steak, chicken, or vegetarian galettes. Additionally, these meals for four will come with multiple sides that can be passed or shared at gatherings. People with a sweet tooth can look out for dishes that also feature dessert, like Red Velvet Swirl Cakes or Molten Lava Cakes.

The Best Dinners for Four

Browse a diverse collection of meals for four that your family will love:

Order Your Next Dinner for Four

All of our meals for four at Mackenzie Limited will have enough to keep you and your family full and satisfied for the whole evening. If you’re only interested in certain dishes, many of our entrees and side dishes in our meals for four are also available for individual purchase on our website. However you choose to customize your supper, shop now to bring the restaurant experience into your home with dinners for four delivered to your door from Mackenzie Limited. See all of our gourmet food offerings in our online food catalog.

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