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Ducktrap Smoked Salmon Delivered

At Mackenzie Limited, we are proud to offer premium quality Ducktrap River smoked salmon delivered to your door. Ducktrap River has been creating the very best smoked salmon for more than 20 years. They start with fresh Atlantic salmon and fillet it, retaining only the choicest part of the fish. Next, an original recipe brine – maple, oak, cherry, and apple woods – is applied so that each fillet receives just the right amount of seasoning. Then, the Ducktrap smoked salmon is slowly cold-smoked for up to 12 hours until it is perfectly sweet and tender.

Ducktrap Smoked Salmon Online

Order Ducktrap River of Maine smoked Atlantic salmon from the gourmet food experts for any occasion. You can indulge in premium seafood that’s fresh and flavorful when you order Ducktrap smoked salmon online. Have Ducktrap smoked salmon delivered to your home to treat yourself to fine cuisine or if you are hosting a gathering and want to serve some exquisite food. You can also order Ducktrap River smoked salmon online to send as a thoughtful gift to the seafood lovers in your life. They will enjoy the bold flavors of the Ducktrap cold-smoked salmon.

Best-Selling Ducktrap Smoked Salmon 

Enjoy some of the finest Ducktrap smoked salmon delivered.

The Finest Ducktrap River Smoked Salmon

When you order a gourmet Ducktrap River smoked salmon delivery, you can expect it to arrive on time and ready to enjoy. The thinly sliced Ducktrap smoked salmon can be served as is, with bagels, in omelets, mixed with salads, on toast, and more. The countless ways to enjoy this Atlantic seafood delicacy are endless, but one thing is for sure, you and your guests will indulge in the finest fish when you order Ducktrap smoked salmon. For our entire selection of fish, see our seafood entrees. Another popular Mackenzie Limited dish is our gourmet Scottish smoked salmon. Peruse our collection of gourmet food in our online food catalog for even more of the finest meals, sides, and desserts.

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