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Caviar Serving Set

We searched the globe for caviar serving sets that reflect the opulence and elegance of presenting and keeping caviar chilled. From renowned William Yeoward and Christofle designs, we present the finest vessels available for serving caviar.

Caviar Dishes & Spoons

When you are hosting an elegant gathering or splurging on a delicacy for yourself, the caviar dining experience is elevated when you use our fine caviar serving set. See all of our caviar dishes and spoons that pair perfectly with our exquisite caviar. Using caviar serveware not only enhances the presentation of your table setting but also amplifies the buttery, nutty, and salty flavor of the finest caviar from all over the world. The material of the caviar spoons and dishes doesn’t interfere with the flavor or texture of the caviar. It’s also important when consuming this delicacy to make sure you use the caviar dishes to serve the caviar on ice. This ensures that you are serving the caviar at the precise temperature for exceptional taste.

Top-Selling Caviar Serving Sets

Some of the best quality caviar serveware we offer includes:

The Finest Caviar Dishes

Our caviar serving dishes and spoons are essential for caviar connoisseurs. We have the perfect caviar serving sets for any black-tie affair or holiday party, and you can send a gift of the finest gourmet caviar to friends or family. Be sure to send them our caviar dishes and spoons, so they can enjoy caviar how it was meant to be served.

For more fine dining options, see our entire gourmet food catalog. We offer complete meals, decadent desserts, and appealing appetizers that are sure to be devoured. Try all of our caviar and accompaniments and some of our favorite caviar samplers.

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