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Thaw & Serve Desserts

These thaw & serve sweets couldn't be easier to serve, nor more delicious. Always stay prepared with a few choice gourmet dessert selections on hand, and you’ll have sweets ready to enjoy with no effort! Whether you are throwing a get together or hosting for the holidays, having some after dinner treats that require minimal preparation is an excellent option. Simply thaw and serve these gourmet sweets, and they are ready to devour.

The Best Thaw & Serve Sweets Online

Some of our top-selling thaw & serve sweets delivered include:

Best-Selling Thaw & Serve Cakes Delivered

Our most popular thaw & serve cakes online are:

Order thaw and serve cookies, cakes, pies, and more treats from Mackenzie Limited for an indulgent dessert that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Send a Thaw & Serve Dessert Delivery

A welcome gift for any occasion, send a loved one some of our gourmet thaw & serve desserts. These desserts are ready to eat once they reach room temperature, so they are the perfect gift that can be enjoyed with little effort. For even more gourmet cakes and pies, cupcakes and cookies, individual sweets, and chocolate delicacies, be sure to peruse our online food catalog.

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