Smoked Salmon Lovers Sampler

Item #: SLS44
Serves up to 40
Features four items, 3.5 lbs. total
Ready in under 30 minutes
Thaw & Serve
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Smoked Salmon Lovers Sampler


We’ve combined our most popular smoked salmon selections into one convenient sampler.  This collection will satisfy even the most demanding smoked salmon lovers with various flavors, the country of origin, and smoking styles. 3.5 lbs total. Kosher.

Our Smoked Salmon Lovers Sampler includes:

1 - Mackenzie Smoked Salmon Tenderloin (15.5 oz.): the "Tsar's Cut", a prime cut from the center of the salmon loin that is gently smoked with a special hardwood blend. Unsliced.
6 - Mackenzie Scottish Smoked Salmon (4 oz.): imported from Scotland, fully smoked salmon sides in convenient freezer packs so you can enjoy now or save for later. Sliced.
1 - Ducktrap River Kendall Brook Smoked Salmon (8 oz.): smoked salmon from the Ducktrap River of Maine, seasoned by hand with a unique blend of herbs and spices, and naturally cold smoked with local fruit woods for full flavor. Sliced.
2 - Ducktrap River Pastrami Style Smoked Salmon (4 oz.): Ducktrap River salmon cold smoked and kicked up with the traditional pastrami blend of herbs and spices. Sliced.