Chicken Florentine

Item #: CAS22
Serves 2-4
28 oz.
Ready in under 60 minutes
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Chicken Florentine


Savor the taste of an Italian trattoria right in the comfort of your own home with this exquisite Chicken Florentine Pasta entrée. This culinary masterpiece transcends the ordinary, bringing together the finest ingredients to create a gourmet pasta dish that's both indulgent and comforting.

Our Chicken Florentine Pasta dinner entrée features al dente penne pasta crafted from premium durum wheat semolina, serving as the perfect canvas for the rich flavors. Juicy chunks of tender chicken breast take center stage, mingling effortlessly with vibrant fresh spinach, creating a harmony of textures that will leave your taste buds singing.

The true star of the show is the scratch-made cream sauce – a labor of love that captures the essence of homestyle cooking. Velvety, rich, and decadent, this sauce elevates the Chicken Florentine Pasta to a level of sophistication that's reminiscent of the Italian countryside.

Indulge in a dish that transcends the ordinary and brings the charm of Italian dining to your table with this delicious pasta entrée. Exceptional dining experiences should be savored, and our Chicken Florentine Pasta is an invitation to savor the extraordinary in the heart of your own home. Or try our Italian Dinner Trio, which combines the best of our Italian entrées, creating an unparalleled dining experience for your lucky guests. Abbondanza! 28 oz., serves 2-4.


Bring the trattoria experience into your kitchen. Penne pasta, featuring durum wheat semolina, combines with tender chunks of chicken breast, spinach, and a scratch-made cream sauce. Abbondanza! 28 oz., serves 2-4.