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At Mackenzie Limited, we offer an unparalleled variety of Atlantic smoked salmon that is delicately smoked for a perfect balance of flavor and texture. A simple expression of luxury, our smoked salmon is unequaled among seafood lovers. We take pride in providing seafood that is ethically and sustainably sourced, ensuring the best quality smoked salmon delivery. We invite you to take a moment to peruse our fine assortment of smoked salmon now.

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Enjoy the delicacy of smoked salmon at home for any occasion. We offer gourmet seafood, including the best smoked salmon delivered to enjoy for brunch, as an appetizer, or dinner. You’ll love the taste of this exquisite cuisine when you order smoked salmon online. Enjoy the buttery, flaky Atlantic smoked salmon on bagels with a little bit of cream cheese, by itself, in a quiche, with crackers, and in many other ways.

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Have some of the best-selling smoked salmon delivered to your door, such as:

Gourmet Smoked Salmon for Sale

This luxury smoked salmon is a fine dining option that you can order for yourself or send to someone special. Have smoked salmon delivered to your door for a classy meal at home. See our selection of smoked salmon gifts that we have available to send to family and friends for any occasion. See our offering of smoked salmon for sale, and order smoked salmon online.

Take a look at our gourmet food selection, including our famous Scottish smoked salmon or Ducktrap River smoked salmon, in our online food catalog. Be sure to add sides and a dessert to enjoy with the delicious smoked salmon.

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