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Carrot Cake

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Who says you can't improve on tradition? This carrot cake is spiced just right and loaded with nuts and raisins. Topped with a healthy dose of butter cream icing, we think it's head and shoulders above all others. And it must be healthy, because it has carrots, right? 8" cake, serves 8.

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Thaw and serve.

Cake: Sugar, Bleached Wheat Flour, Carrots, Pineapple, Pineapple Juice, Pecans, Soybean Oil, Eggs, Raisins, Coconut, Water, Propylene Glycol, Salt, Sodium Metabisulfate, Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Allspice, Sulfiting Agents, Baking Soda

Icing: Butter, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Milk Solids, Water, Salt, Propylene Hydrated Silica, Glycerine, Coloring, Modified Corn Starch, Vegetable Gum, Potassium Sorbate, Methylcellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Bicarbonate, Vanilla Flavor.