Grand Marnier Soufflés

Grand Marnier Soufflés - 4 Item #: GMS44
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Grand Marnier Soufflés - 8 Item #: GMS88
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Each soufflé serves one
Each order contains four 2.3 oz. soufflés
Ready to bake
Ready in under 30 minutes
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Grand Marnier Soufflés

This Grand Marnier Soufflé might just be the epitome of gourmet. These are as good as it gets. Light and ethereal, yet rich and fragrant with a pronounced orange liqueur flavor, this will quickly become a favorite dessert. These Grand Marnier Soufflés are almost foolproof—just bake and enjoy. Each is an individual serving and comes in a reusable ramekin. It's a dessert worthy of being called gourmet.

Grand Marnier Soufflés are decidedly French and are the perfect ending to a French-inspired gourmet dinner. We suggest starting with Duck A L’Orange served with Vegetable Gratins on the side, or perhaps a Spinach Gruyère Crêpe Gâteau. A Grand Marnier Soufflé, with its cloud-like texture and citrus flavor, would be the capstone to such a wonderful gourmet meal. And they are much more affordable than a trip to France. Order four or eight Grand Marnier Soufflés, each is a serving.

Soufflés are the epitome of gourmet, and these foolproof soufflés are as good as it gets. Light and ethereal yet rich and fragrant with orange flavor, these Grand Marinier Soufflés will quickly become a dessert favorite. Very simple to make, just bake and enjoy. Each Grand Marnier Soufflé is an individual serving and comes in a reusable ramekin. Choose from four or eight soufflés.