Elf™ Gingerbread Sleigh, 20th Anniversary

Item #: ELF99
10.5" x 8" x 6.5" gingerbread sleigh, eight 2" vanlla sugar cookies
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Make your home merry and bright with our exclusive Elf™ Gingerbread Sleigh, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the beloved Christmas movie Elf™. This charming gingerbread Santa sleigh depicts a miniature replica of Santa's sleigh from the film. Our fully edible version of the Elf™ Gingerbread Sleigh is constructed of hand-iced gingerbread cookies lovingly assembled into this beautiful work of art, all set atop a gingerbread cookie base.

Decorated in bright holiday color icing, the Elf™ Gingerbread Sleigh is trimmed with white sugar crystals to portray a dusting of snow. The gingerbread sleigh decor includes the Elf™ logo from the movie in Christmas green icing, a yellow present frosted with a green ribbon and red bow, and a green Christmas tree with ornaments.

The gingerbread Santa sleigh is filled with eight 2" festive Elf™ vanilla sugar cookies, decorated with royal icing. Three of the iced Elf™ decorated cookies feature pieces of Buddy the Elf’s™ distinct green and yellow ensemble. You’ll find other festive Elf™ holiday decorated cookies with the gingerbread sleigh, including a nutcracker in reference to one of Buddy the Elf’s™ favorite exclamations in the movie, Buddy the Elf’s™ North Pole penguin friend, an Elf™ sugar cookie, and of course, one to resemble Santa with his classic red hat and beard white as snow. Buddy the Elf™ said it best: "I like cookies. I love cookies."

Rekindle your irresistible enthusiasm and childlike wonder with these edible Elf™ Christmas cookies and gingerbread sleigh. It’s a delicious way to create a joyful, inviting atmosphere in your home, inspiring fond memories that will last forever. Serve the Elf™ Gingerbread Sleigh as a decadent dessert, or enjoy it as a magical holiday centerpiece atop the mantel or dinner table. As Santa said in Elf™, “The sleigh won’t fly without a little Christmas magic.”

Our exclusive Elf™ 20th Anniversary Gingerbread Sleigh is the perfect gift this holiday season for Elf™ fans, both young and old. Remember, there’s room for everyone on the Nice List!

The Elf™ Gingerbread Sleigh comes fully assembled measuring 10.5” x 8” x 6.5” and includes eight 2” vanilla sugar cookies, all decorated in festive Elf themes.

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." - Buddy the Elf™