Valentine's Cake Truffles

Valentine's Cake Truffles - 8 Truffles Item #: VCB88
Valentine's Cake Truffles - 16 Truffles Item #: VCB16
Each cake truffle serves one
Each order contains eight 1 oz. cake truffles
Thaw & Serve

This item is sold out for the season. We apologize for the inconvenience. Looking for a similar item? Try our Festive Cupcakes in Bloom.

These holiday delights are perhaps the perfect bite, where every cake ball is a celebration of love, sweetness, and pure indulgence. They feature rich chocolate cake, lovingly crafted into bite-sized dessert cake balls and double-dipped in sweet, irresistible milk or white chocolate. The result is a dessert treat that is more than just the perfect bite – it is a moment of bliss that captivates your senses,

The magic doesn't end there. These Valentine's Cake Truffles are adorned with a radiant red or pink heart that adds a touch of romance to every truffle, promising to steal your heart with each delightful nibble. In every dessert cake truffle, there's a moment of sweetness waiting to be savored, and every bite is a celebration of love, beautifully crafted for your delight. They make a lovely gift, and a delicious dessert treat for any occasion. Choose 8 or 16 cake truffles, each truffle is 1 oz.

These lovely cake truffles might just be the perfect bite. Featuring rich fudgy chocolate cake double dipped in sweet chocolate coating, you get an equal mix of white and milk chocolate truffles. They make a lovely gift for that special someone or delicious treat for yourself. Choose from 8 or 16 cake truffles; each 1 oz. cake truffle serves one.