The Richmond Way Ice Cream Sampler - Four Pints & One Box of Biscuits

Item #: BTR66
$79.95 $64.95
Each pint serves 3-4
Four pints, one of each flavor; one box of 10 large shortbreads
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The Richmond Way Ice Cream Sampler - Four Pints & One Box of Biscuits

$79.95 $64.95

Experience all the flavors of Ted Lasso™ with this ice cream gift box set, containing all four flavors of Ted Lasso-inspired ice cream, aptly named “The Richmond Way” in celebration of the award-winning TV series. Indulge in a symphony of Ted Lasso-inspired ice cream that celebrates the heart and soul of the show. As Ted himself puts it: "Ice cream is the best... Never disappoints." 

You get one each of flavor:

Biscuits with the Boss: A tribute to the relationship between Ted and Rebecca. A buttery sweet cream ice cream with pieces of our “Biscuits with the Boss” buttery-salty shortbread and authentic English toffee pieces, for a flavor as comforting and compelling as the man himself.

Believe!: A scoop of unwavering optimism, just like Ted himself. A delightful blend of rich peanut butter ice cream with milk chocolate peanut butter cups and fudge swirls that'll make you believe in the power of positivity. Infused with hope.

Dig In, Diamond Dogs!: An ode to teamwork and camaraderie. Dive into a decadent fusion of chocolate ice cream and chocolate-peanut butter “puppy chow” bites that celebrates the bond between Ted and his loyal Diamond Dogs.

Kisses from Keeley: A flavor that mirrors Keeley's vivacity and daring. Indulge in coffee ice cream kissed with caramel swirls and mini milk chocolate kisses, creating a delightful dance of sweetness and contrast that mirrors Keeley's dynamic bold spirit and multi-dimensional character.

These Ted Lasso™ ice creams are more than just desserts; they're sweet companions for life's moments. Whether it's soothing the sting of defeat, gathering with a group of people who care, or rewarding yourself for a job well done, these ice creams will make you Believe. They said it was impossible to capture the essence of Ted Lasso™ in a collection of ice creams. But all we heard was "I'm possible."

Join us on a journey through the flavors of Ted Lasso™. Indulge in the joy, celebrate the camaraderie, and experience ice cream that never disappoints. These ice creams capture the undying enthusiasm and optimism of Ted Lasso™. Each flavor represents a unique aspect of the show, but ultimately, all four have the same profound theme, hope.

Savor life's sweetest moments. Four pints total, plus one box of Ted Lasso™ Biscuits with the Boss; each pint serves 3-4.

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