Easter Petit Fours - One Dozen

Item #: EPF12
Serves 4-6
12 petit fours

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Adorable little bunnies, butterflies, and gorgeous spring colors adorn these beautiful, delicious dessert petit fours. They feature a palette of pastel colors that mirrors the vibrant blooms of spring, captivating your eyes before you even take the first delightful bite. Each is a miniature work of art, a pastel canvas where bunnies and butterflies come to life, creating an Easter tableau that's as visually stunning as it is delicious. 

These Easter Petit Fours are an invitation to celebrate the joy of the season. Moist, decadent vanilla cake layers embrace sumptuous buttercream for a flavor that will transport you. You will love these vanilla petit fours, full of moist cake, delicious butter cream, and accented with a hint of apricot puree. With one bite, you'll find yourself on a delightful journey, hopping down the bunny trail. 

Whether as a memorable gift, or as a festive treat to celebrate the holiday, these dessert petit fours are truly special.

These petit fours were love at first sight. These classic, bite-sized treasures feature layers of moist chocolate and vanilla cake, with a variety of tasty buttercreams and fruit purees: Truffle, Strawberry Cream, Lemon, and Raspberry. Lovingly hand-decorated, they are as pretty as they are delicious. Serve and enjoy one dozen Easter Petit Fours after your gourmet Easter spread.