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Due to high demand and shipping delays this holiday season, we highly recommend you select no later than Dec. 7th as a ship date.
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Ducktrap River Smoked Shellfish

Using a special blend of hardwoods, these shellfish from Ducktrap River of Maine are crafted into a delicacy that transcends ordinary seafood. The large, succulent morsels have a delightfully mellow flavor and remarkable versatility. Choose from plump, tender mussels, delicate scallops and sweet cold-water shrimp. The hardest part is resisting eating them straight out of the container. You get one pound of smoked shellfish, enough for 4-6 as an appetizer. Can't decide? Our samplers include mussels, scallops, and shrimp. Choose from 6 oz. of each or 1 lb. of each.
Ducktrap River Smoked Mussels Item #: SM1111
Ducktrap River Smoked Shrimp Item #: SR1121
Ducktrap River Smoked Scallops Item #: SS1101
Ducktrap River Cape Split Sampler, Regular Size, 6 oz. of each Item #: CS1810
Ducktrap River Cape Split Sampler, Premium Size, 1 lb. of each Item #: CS1131

Ducktrap River Smoked Shellfish

Starting at $26.95


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