Cavalli Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, Silver Seal

Cavalli Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, Silver Seal
Item #: SLB34
From this ancient Italian provence comes the quintessential condimenti - complex, intense, and renowned. Every bottle of Cavalli Silver Traditional Balsamic is aged at least twenty-five years, judged by a centuries-old consortium of producers, and stamped with its own unique identification number. Rare and unequaled, a few drops will add glorious flavors to sauces, cheeses, and salads. Supplies are limited, but our source, Cavalli of Reggio Emilia in Italy, is one of the finest. Finished entirely by hand and packed in a beautiful box with recipes.

This Silver Balsamic Vinegar earns a top rating from the consortium. A dense chocolate brown elixir with an intense bouquet. A slightly sweet, earthy flavour with hints of fruit and caramel and a soft acidity. Use sparingly in sauces for meats and fish, or to enrich a simple pasta dish. 3.4 oz.

Item #: SLB34

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