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Plain Croissants - 16 Count Item #: PBC15
Chocolate Croissants - 16 Count Item #: PCC15
Croissants - One Box of Each, 32 Count Item #: CPP33
Each croissant serves one
Each order contains 16 croissants
Ready to bake
Ready in under 30 minutes
Exclusively available here


Rejoice in the flavors of Paris, France, with our gourmet Croissants delivered. Enjoy the impossibly buttery, flaky, tender pastry, which will practically melt on the tongue. When you order Croissants online from Mackenzie Limited, they are just minutes from freezer to oven as these delectable sweets arrive pre-proofed for maximum convenience. Choose from an all-butter Plain or French Chocolate Croissant delivery for a breakfast or brunch they won't soon forget. Our chocolate-filled croissants feature an exquisite dark chocolate inside the pastry. These gourmet French croissants are one of our best sellers and are the ideal choice for any meal. Each frozen Croissant delivery contains 16 perfectly flaky pastries made in the French tradition. C'est magnifique!

When you have French Croissants delivered, be sure to see all of our bread sides to pair with your gourmet entrees.