Siberian “Sevruga” Caviar

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Siberian “Sevruga” Caviar
Originally from the Siberian river basins, Siberian roe is a sturgeon caviar prized for its rich, luxurious, medium-sized firm beads that capture the essence of the sea. A caviar of exquisite quality, these morsels are chestnut to deep gray to black in color, with a balanced buttery-briny flavor that has a creamy and earthy finish. Imported. One of our new favorites.

Please refer to our Serving Suggestion Chart to determine the amount of caviar needed. Sustainably harvested and imported.

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Siberian “Sevruga” Caviar - 1 oz.

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Siberian “Sevruga” Caviar - 2 oz.

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Siberian “Sevruga” Caviar - 4 oz

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Siberian “Sevruga” Caviar - 7 oz.

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Siberian “Sevruga” Caviar - 14 oz.

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Keep in the coldest part of the refrigerator until ready to serve. Once opened, consume within 7days.


Sturgeon Eggs and Salt

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