Ribeye & Porterhouse Steaks

Ribeye Steaks - Four 18 oz. Item #: RBS418
Ribeye Steaks - Six 18 oz. Item #: RBS618
Porterhouse Steaks - Four 18 oz. Item #: PRT418
Porterhouse Steaks - Six 18 oz. Item #: PRT618
Porterhouse Steaks - Eight 18 oz. Item #: PRT818
Each steak serves one
18 oz. steaks
Ready in under 30 minutes

Ribeye & Porterhouse Steaks

Our Ribeye Steaks are the prime center cut of beef rib. This ‘Scotch Fillet’ is thick cut and gently marbled. These select cuts are so meaty and rich, they would turn a stockbroker into a cowboy.

Our Porterhouse Steaks are a composite cut made up of the New York Strip and Tenderloin steaks separated by the classic "T-bone." This iconic steak is notably used as the classic Italian bistecca alla fiorentina, and coveted among steakhouses across the United States as one of the most prized cuts.

Both our ribeye steaks and porterhouse steaks are excellent for fast, dry, and hot cooking. View our preparation instructions below for details, which includes a recipe for Bistecca alla fiorentina.