Mediterranean Baklava Sampler

Mediterranean Baklava Sampler
Item #: BKL77
A distinctive treat with centuries-old origins in Greece and Turkey, this version is the best we’ve ever tried—not too sweet, with a rich, moist texture. Featuring flaky layers of phyllo with crunchy nuts and honey, it’s equally good as a dessert or accompaniment with tea or coffee. You get 12 pieces each of two flavors: walnut and pistachio. So good. 24 pieces, serves 10-12.
Item #: BKL77

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock



Thaw and serve


Pistachio: Wheat flour, egg, wheat starch, butter (Ghee), sugar, pistachio. Allergen Information: Gluten, egg, pistachio and butter (Ghee).
Walnut: Wheat flour, egg, wheat starch, butter (Ghee), sugar, walnut. Allergen Information: Gluten, egg, walnut and butter (Ghee).

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