Ducktrap River Wild Smoked Salmon

Ducktrap River Wild Smoked Salmon
Item #: DWS44
Connoisseurs of salmon will settle for nothing less than the king of seafood, the wild salmon. From the cold Pacific waters of Alaska, wild sockeye salmon is gently cold smoked, resulting in an intensely rich smoked salmon flavor. The salmon's untamed energy is fully realized in its deep orange flesh and dense, meaty texture. Pair with a slightly sweet white or a supple red for a match made in heaven. Four - 4 oz. packs of Ducktrap River Wild Smoked Salmon, 1 lb. total.
Item #: DWS44

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock



Bring to room temperature and serve. Consume within 24 hours of opening.


Sockeye Salmon, Salt, Evaporated Cane Juices, Spices, Hardwood and Fruitwood Smoke.

Contains: Fish (Salmon).

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