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Our gourmet selection of cakes, cookies, and pies make a lovely gift or centerpiece for the holiday dessert table. Some of our exclusive holiday desserts include: Nostalgic Holiday Postcard Cookies, Red Velvet Swirl Cake, Cranberry Upside Down Cake, and many more.

How Much Dessert to Order?

When it comes to knowing how much to buy for a party of two, four, or even six – the more, the merrier! This means that your loved ones can enjoy desserts across several meals.

  • Cakes and pies: Cakes and pies will serve six to eight people. Smaller slices are best if it’s a heavier pie, like a chocolate pie or upside-down cake. For something lighter or with a filling (like apple pie), it’s easier to cut into six pieces.
  • Cookies: Order between three and six per person, depending on the size of the cookies and if other desserts will be served.
  • Cupcakes: We recommend one to two cupcakes per person. These freeze well, so it’s safe to order up!
  • Puddings: A typical serving size of Sticky Toffee Pudding is 2.5 ounces; a tray will serve six to eight people.
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