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British Cheese Collection

Item #: ARK55
A glorious collection of our favorite hand picked cheeses from the British Isles, imported exclusively by Mackenzie. These artisanal cheeses are aged to the peak of flavor. It includes Shropshire Blue cheese, Reserve 2-year aged Cheddar cheese, Cotswold (double Gloucester with onions and chives) cheese, Lancashire cheese, and a fabulous dessert cheese: Stilton with mango and ginger. Arrives packaged in an adorable wooden box ideal for gift giving, the hardest part is which cheese to start with. 1.8 lbs. total, serves 8-12 as an elegant appetizer or unique savory dessert.
Please note we occasionally have to make substitutions based on availability.
Thaw & Serve
Exclusively available here

British Cheese Collection

Bring to room temperature and serve.
(Ingredients may very depending on selection. Please see product label for specific information)


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