Seafood Cannelloni

Item #: A-632
Serves 4-6
27 oz.
Ready to bake
Ready in under 60 minutes

Seafood Cannelloni


Elegant, sophisticated, and loaded with seafood, these Seafood Cannelloni are a lovely expression of rustic Italian gourmet cooking at its finest. This is not your ordinary seafood pasta dish—the Seafood Cannelloni is filled with a luxurious blend of crab and shrimp, creamy Ricotta cheese, and spinach. It's all wrapped in a tender, scratch made pasta and topped with a lovely blush tomato sauce, featuring marinara and a touch of cream. It's an Italian seafood dish that's full of incredible ocean flavors.

The perfect addition to our seafood entrees, it doesn't take much to make this part of a delicious dinner. You could pair it with our exquisite Vegetable Napoleon as a vegetable side, and add Spinach Artichoke Pie Bites, which makes for a delicious appetizer that perfectly complements the Seafood Cannelloni. If you're looking for a delicious Italian seafood dish that's versatile enough for a fancy dinner party or an elegant weeknight meal, this seafood cannelloni is the perfect choice. Each order of Seafood Cannelloni is 27 oz., serves 4-6.

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Elegant, sophisticated, and full of seafood, these cannelloni are truly Italian gourmet. They feature a blend of crab and shrimp with creamy Ricotta cheese, spinach, and Italian seasonings, all wrapped in tender fresh pasta. Topped with a lovely blush sauce (marinara with a touch of cream), they are rich and full of flavor. Seafood elevated. 27 oz., serves 4-6.