Finnan Haddie

Finnan Haddie
Produced from fresh haddock caught in the icy waters off the north coast of Scotland, Finnan Haddie are named after the hamlet of Findon near Aberdeen where this particular way of curing haddock was first practiced. Ours is cured in the traditional way without dyes or other additives. A Mackenzie exclusive.

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Finnan Haddie - Boneless Fillets 2 1/2 lbs.

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Finnan Haddie - Boneless Fillets 5 lbs.

Item #: BFIN05


Poached or Baked Finnan Haddie, barely cover with milk or water, add pepper and a knob of butter or margarine and gently simmer or bake at 350° F until tender: 10-15 minutes. Serve with the liquid in which it was cooked accompanied by plain boiled potatoes (if desired). Alternatively, for a breakfast or supper dish serve with poached eggs and whole wheat toast. Onion rings may be cooked with the fish.


Haddock, Salt, Hardwood Smoke.

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