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Easter dinner sides are an important part of an Easter dinner. Mackenzie Limited has a wide array of sides that will enhance any meal. 

Our Brussels Sprouts Gratin Casserole is earthy and nutty, and the gratin highlights and enhances the distinctive flavor of Brussel Sprouts with the addition of cream, bacon, Cheddar cheese, and topped with toasted breadcrumbs. A perfect match for any Easter dinner. 

You can never go wrong with adding a potato dish to your meal. Our Roasted Baby Potatoes are halved new potatoes, earthy and creamy, cooked in chicken jus with whole, unpeeled garlic for an unparalleled richness. A touch of thyme and other seasonings finishes the dish off perfectly.

Rolls are quintessential for any holiday dinner. Our Cheddar & Chive Rolls feature the classic combination of sharp Cheddar cheese and earthy chives with a touch of buttermilk—a perfect way to elevate your Easter dinner.

Almost all our products are shipped frozen. Dry ice may evaporate prior to arrival at your door. This is perfectly normal; if the product is cool to the touch, simply store it in the freezer.

Ordering early and wondering how long your orders can be frozen? We recommend enjoying products within 3 months. When kept wrapped in an airtight container or bag, they can last up to 6 months. We cannot guarantee the quality of items held for longer than 3 months in the freezer.

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