Bunny Tail Cake Truffles

Bunny Tail Cake Truffles - Eight Item #: EBL99
Bunny Tail Cake Truffles - Sixteen Item #: EBL18
Each truffle serves one
Each order contains eight 1.4 oz. cake truffles
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These adorable “bunny tails” will delight and amuse. The real delight, though is on the inside, which features a chocolate cake truffle, made from rich devil’s food cake and a touch of chocolate frosting. Choose from eight or sixteen Bunny Tail Cake Truffles; each cake truffle is 1.4 oz. and serves one. Revised recipe.

One of the cutest gourmet sweets we’ve ever found, these adorable Bunny Tail Cake Truffles will delight and amuse everyone at your Easter gathering. The real delight, though, is on the inside of these bunny-tail shaped gourmet truffles, which feature a chocolate cake truffle made from delicious devil’s food cake and a touch of chocolate frosting.

Rich, decadent, and adorable—what’s not to love about these Easter cake truffles? Each cake truffle is 1.4 oz.—the perfect bite-sized sweet to enjoy after a gourmet Easter spread. Enjoy an eight or sixteen-count Bunny Tail Cake Truffles delivery, which you can serve after brunch or dinner on Easter, or send these chocolate delicacies to friends and family as a seasonal gift. When ordering our Easter bunny tail truffles, be sure to see all of our other gourmet chocolate treats—ideal for chocolate lovers.