Stuffed Cornish Hen Complete Dinner

Item #: CNH24
Serves 2-4
Features four items
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Stuffed Cornish Hen Complete Dinner


This complete dinner brings together some delightful flavors and provides the royal treatment for all your guests. Start with one of our most popular appetizers, a creamy Crab Dip bursting with the sweetness of crab meat. For the main course, enjoy a traditional Stuffed Cornish Hen, accompanied by the nuttiness of our Brussels Sprouts Gratin Casserole. Finish on a sweet note with a delicious British classic, Sticky Toffee Pudding. Serves 4-6.

Our Stuffed Cornish Hen Complete Dinner includes:

1 - Creamy Crab Dip (1 lb.): this dip mixes lump and claw crab meat, cream cheese, sharp Cheddar cheese, and a blend of Chesapeake Bay seasonings
2 - Stuffed Cornish Hens (19 oz. each): Cornish hen filled with a traditional twist of pine nuts, cranberries, and mushrooms
1 - Brussels Sprouts Gratin Casserole (30 oz.): brussels sprouts with cream, bacon, Cheddar cheese, and topped with toasted breadcrumbs
1 - Sticky Toffee Pudding (20 oz.): a dense, moist cake served with an intense buttery toffee sauce