Pork Schnitzel Dinner

Item #: PZD44
Serves 4
Features four items

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Pork Schnitzel Dinner


This is old-world comfort food with a gourmet twist. Vanilla-Bourbon Bacon Lollipops are a great appetizer, with all the flavor you'd expect. The Pork Schnitzel is crispy, juicy, and full of flavor. It's paired with Hasselback Potatoes, crisp on the outside with a creamy interior. Finally, the Kettle Cooked Apples can be paired with the Pork Schnitzel or served with some vanilla ice cream for a simple fall dessert. A fall classic that's delicious any time of year. Serves 4.


8 - Pork Schnitzel (3 oz. each): natural pork tenderloin is pounded thin, coated with seasoned breadcrumbs, and fried until golden brown, juicy, and tender
7 - Hasselback Potatoes:
potatoes partially sliced, using a technique of Swedish origin, into thin slices, then studded with rich creamery butter
About 24 -Vanilla-Bourbon Bacon "Lollipops":
 thick slabs of smoked bacon come with a vanilla-bourbon glaze for a sweet, smoky treat 
1 - Kettle Cooked Apples (32 oz.)sweet kettle apples hand cooked in small batches of a cinnamon and brown sugar sauce