Honey Bourbon Salmon Dinner

Item #: BTA44
Serves up to 4
Features four items
Ready in under 30 minutes
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Honey Bourbon Salmon Dinner


This Honey Bourbon Salmon will sweeten up any dinner.

2 - French Onion Soup (10 oz. each): is full of sweet onion and rich, savory broth, and then topped with croutons and oozing cheese
4 - Honey Bourbon Salmon Filet (6 oz.): ready to cook, honey bourbon marinated salmon
1 - Vegetable Potato Medley (1 lb): par-fried potato rounds mixed with tender asparagus, button mushrooms, and green beans, then flavored with oil, parsley, and garlic
1 - Chocolate Creme Swirl Cake: moist, tender cake is rich and chocolatey and filled with a sweet cream icing