Chesapeake Bay Side Dish Sampler

Item #: CBS33
Serves 8-10

This item is discontinued and no longer available. We apologize for the inconvenience. Looking for a similar item? Try our Top-Rated Sides Sampler.

Our collection of Chesapeake Bay side dishes pairs perfectly with our wide selection of Southern cuisine.

1 - Oyster Stuffing (32oz.): is made with a special blend of aromatics, herbs, spices, cornbread, and chunks of fresh Chesapeake Bay oysters
3 - Sweet Corn Hush Puppies (1 lb.): satisfying crunch and soft, slightly sweet interior feature the goodness of sweet corn and a hint of onion
2 - Eastern Shore Creamed Corn Casserole (30 oz.): fresh white corn blended with Asiago cheese, butter, cream, and a touch of real maple syrup to finish it off