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Mackenzie Scottish Smoked Salmon - Handy 4 oz. Freezer Packs

Our best selling Scottish smoked salmon. The same incredible Mackenzie Scottish smoked salmon as our full smoked salmon sides, but packaged into convenient four ounce freezer packs so you can enjoy our smoked salmon now or save for later. Enjoy on special occasions or as an every day treat. You deserve the best. Mackenzie Scottish smoked salmon comes packed in vacuum sealed pouches, and keeps 30 days refrigerated or up to 6 months frozen. Imported from Scotland, our award winning Scottish smoked salmon is guaranteed to please. Kosher.
Mackenzie Scottish Smoked Salmon 6 - 4 oz Packs Item #: SAL6X4
Mackenzie Scottish Smoked Salmon 12 - 4 oz Packs Item #: SAL12X4

Mackenzie Scottish Smoked Salmon - Handy 4 oz. Freezer Packs

Starting at $74.95

Preparation instructions for Mackenzie Scottish Smoked Salmon Freezer Packs Thaw under refrigeration. Bring to room temperature and serve. Salmon can be frozen on the day of receipt for up to 6 months, or kept refrigerated unopened for up to 3 weeks.
Salmon, Salt.

Although extra care is taken to remove all bones, some may remain.


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