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Brioche Gourmand

Item #: BRS29
$54.95 $27.95

This French brioche is made of 40 petite, filled sandwiches, in five unique flavors: pistachio cream, raspberry marmalade, lemon cream, chocolate cream and salted caramel. With the top of the loaf adorned with flaked almonds and sugar, its perfect for a brunch table centerpiece, or as an equally impressive dessert. Both lovely and delicious, it is the epitome of French creativity. 1.75 lbs., serves 15-20.

Brioche Gourmand

$54.95 $27.95

Remove the cling film and let thaw the brioche for about 12 hours in cold room between 32°F and 39°F (0 and +4°C).

Water, Soft Bread (Wheat Flour, Sugar, Whey Powder, Wheat Gluten, Bean Meal, Mono- And Diglycerides, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, Calcium Propionate Preservative), Brioche (Wheat Flour, Butter Powder [Butter, Milk Proteins, Whey Permeate], Sugar, Wheat Gluten, Salt, Egg Yolk Powder, Mono- And Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Esters Of Mono- And Diglycerides, Beta-Carotene Color, Flour Treatment Agent [Ascorbic Acid]), Raspberry Filling (Sugar, Raspberry Crumbs, Raspberry Purée Without Achene, Lemon Juice, Pectin), Butter, Pastry Cream, (Sugar, Potato Starch-Modified, Milk Powder, Lactose, Sodium Phosphate - Sodium Pyrophosphate-Calcium Acetate - Calcium Sulfate, Sodium Alginate, Milk Proteins, Salt, Artificial Flavorings, Beta-Carotene Color), Reconstituted Fat (Refined Vegetable Oil [Colza], Concentrated Butter, Beta-Carotene Color), Sugar, Chocolate Chips (Cocoa Paste, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin), Salted Caramel (Sugar, Cream 35% Fat, Salted Butter, Aromatic Caramel [Sugar, Water], Water, Salt, Lemon Juice), Slivered Almonds, Lemon Purée (Lemon, Lemon Juice, Sugar), Yeast, Artificial Flavorings, Minced Pistachio, Bread Improver (Vegetable Oil [Colza, Palm], Dextrose, Wheat Flour, Mono- And Diglycerides, Flour Treatment Agent [Ascorbic Acid], Artificial Flavoring), Pastry Décor (Dextrose, Starch, Vegetable Fat), Salt, Preparation For Glossy Film (Potato Starch-Modified, Dextrose), Natural Extract Of Turmeric (Triacetin-Propylene Glycol, Whey Powder, Silicone Dioxide, Polysorbate 80), Browning Agent (Milk Proteins, Dextrose, Rapeseed Oil), Guar Gum, Ammoniacal Caramel Color.

Contains: Wheat, Milk, Egg, Soybeans and Tree Nuts (Almonds, Pistachios).


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