What's On Your Plate?

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The holiday season really is the most wonderful time of the year. Not only is it a time for gift giving and spreading cheer, but it also affords people a wonderful opportunity to spend time with their families.

Now as most know, there are a plethora of ways you could spend time with your loved ones during the holidays. However, one of the best ways still remains sharing a delicious meal together. After all, what could be better than sitting down with family and enjoying good food and fellowship?

That being said, all of us at Chesapeake Fine Food Group (CFFG) take our holiday meals seriously and are always looking for fun and creative ways to enhance the experience for everyone. Thus, we like to add a little twist to our feasts. Aside from making our own delectable dishes, we like to incorporate some of our own favorite CFFG entrées into our feasts as well.

So given the current occasion, we thought it would be nice to show you what we like to have on our plates for the holidays. It may even inspire some new dishes on your table this year.

Great crab cakes start with great crab meat, and we use only hand-picked jumbo lump crab meat in our signature Perfect Crab Cakes™. Loaded with crab meat, we add just the right amount of our signature binders and seasonings, using a recipe that has been perfected over many years. These crab cakes are great on their own as an appetizer or meal, they pair especially well with a nice filet mignon and a glass of wine. Each crab cake is 4 oz and serves 1. "My children are grown now: 21 & 25. But since they were little, we have had a tradition of giving them a gift of a new pair of Pajamas on Christmas eve that they open after dinner. So for us, Christmas eve dinner is always crab cakes!"

~Tracy Connell, Customer Service Manager


  • Our most favorited dish is our Perfect Crab Cakes. When we want a good dish to commemorate the experience, our crab cakes are the go-to that's always on the table. They're packed with taste and they leave a smile on everyone's face.

Flourless Chocolate Torte
"For the past 5 years on Christmas eve my family gets together and celebrates Christmas. We eat a wonderful home cooked dinner and my sister always brings a wonderful cake from Mackenzie Limited. Usually she brings the flour-less chocolate torte or the apple pie in the brown bag. We then gather around the Christmas tree and open up all our gifts from each other and from Santa. Then we usually snuggle up on the couch and watch Christmas movies or end up playing a game. Christmas eve is very special day to our family because it is the day where we can all gather together relax and enjoy each others company."

~Cynthia Henderson, Customer Service Representative

  •  Joy exists in many forms, one of which is chocolate. So when we gather together with family, we like to bring desserts like our Flourless Chocolate Cake that impart joy and happiness to our time together. The cake isn't just rich with flavor, but it's rich with love and sharing it with those we love is a holiday event we always look forward to.
Raspberry Frangipane Strudel

"Every year, my family has a Christmas Day brunch. This year we're going to be serving the Raspberry Frangipane Strudel. Having a dish or two from Mackenzie or CBC just always makes the set up quicker; which is nothing short of pure joy."

~Nancy Clark, Product Manager

  • There are only so many times a year when we can gather all of our family members together for brunch, so we like to make the time extra special. Luckily, that's exactly what our Raspberry Frangipane Strudel does. All we get are smiles all around any time we serve up this dish. It's sweet and tangy taste matched with the flaky crust makes us happy and our families happier.

This is the homestead classic, These homestyle biscuits literally elevated to a new height. Using cream cheese and real dairy butter in place of shortening allows these biscuits to puff up a mile high in your oven, and the result is a tender, flaky biscuit with a rich taste and delicate texture. You really will be able to taste the difference. Choose between three delicious flavors: Classic Cream cheese , Parmesan Herb or Cheddar and Chive. 24 total.

"We always have a family feast with the Mackenzie classic biscuits on the table. They're just too good!"

~Jeanette Waters, Credit Supervisor

  • And we can't forget our Classic Biscuits; they are just great. They're flaky with a nice home style taste that you can't get anywhere else.  But the best part is that you can use them for any occasion. Use them for brunch or dinner, but either way we think they're delicious and if you try them, we're sure you'll think the same.

With all these yummy foods, we have big plans for our holiday season. We'll be serving up some of our favorites that please everyone.


So tell us, this holiday season, what's on your plate?


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