Spreading Thanks- Reflections of CFFG Food Drive

9.25.15 (Blog)We were started in 1984 with a mission to bring laughter, fun, and good food to the table. But this year, we decided to change that because we believed we could bring a whole lot more.

In order to spread the love and compassion that all of us at Chesapeake Fine Food Group (CFFG) possess, we have dedicated this year to not only serving customers, but serving our community as well.

But out of all of the community projects we have tried and taken on this year, our newest company food drive has probably been our favorite.

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Stationed out of the sea salt air and bay-scape state of Maryland, our company has a deep love for the state and culture that we call home. But we have an even greater love for the people here.

Because of this, one thing that we do not love about some of Maryland's residents is the fact that some of them go to bed hungry every night. Although hunger is a national crisis that our country is still dealing with as a whole, it doesn't sit well with us knowing that some of our neighbors may go to bed on empty stomachs.

So this year, we launched a food drive entitled "Chesapeake Fine Food Giving," where we collected can goods to donate to the Maryland Food Bank.

It wasn't as long as some food drives tend to last, but it was still just as successful. In a matter of a week, we were able to obtain 50+ non perishable food items and a $250 donation  to give.

food drive

However, looking back on it, this food drive had a bigger impact on us than intended.

Seeing how some people do not possess some of the most vital aspects in life to survive really humbles you. It also gives your life a new sense of meaning.

It shows you that not everything in life is promised and it reminds you to be thankful for what you do have. So as we really start to enter into the holiday season, all of us here at CFFG will be entering into it with a new sense of humility and compassion in our hearts to help those in need.

As our home team Ravens coach once said, "approach each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind." And we intend to do that, lending as many helping hands as we can along the way.



cffg cake

Happy Holidays

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