March Noodle Madness

March— it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. But in between, it brings us oodles of noodles.

If you didn’t know, March is National Noodle Month, which basically means 31 days of noodly goodness. So to celebrate such a momentous time of the year, we thought it would be fitting to provide you with some noodle dishes that you can cook in your kitchen or to save time buy some of our already prepared pasta creations.



If you’re up for an adventure, try your hand at making this Tortellini Primavera recipe. Make it with fresh vegetables and cheese and you’ll have a meal that’s fit for any noodly occasion.

Don’t Feel Like Cooking?
Here’s our take:

Tortellini Ala Panna

If you don’t feel like cooking, we’ve got a Tortellini Ala Panna dish that will knock your socks off. It’s made with Pork and Beef Tortellini, Parma ham, green beans, and a rich Alfredo sauce which makes it an ideal noodle dish for any time.


roasted veggies

If you’re in the mood for a dish that’s a little more rustic, then try making this Butternut Squash Cavatappi. The taste can only be described as delicious, as the dish encompasses household herbs, Asiago, and delicious butternut squash.

Don’t Feel Like Cooking?
Here’s our take:

Roasted Cavatappi
roasted cava

Our Cavatappi is exactly what we always say it is: earthly, rich, and satisfying. If you’re in a rush to get something delicious on the table, this dish is every dinner goal combined into one. It’s filled with fresh vegetables and Monterey Jack cheese and together with the Cavatappi pasta, it's a dish that you’ll be eating more than just during National Noodle Month.

Macaroni and Cheese

It’s the ultimate comfort food that we all know and love, and this is the month that it gets to shine. If you’re in the mood to celebrate your love of Macaroni and Cheese, this Baked Mac n Cheese recipe will help you accomplish that goal.

Don’t Feel Like Cooking?
Here’s our take:

Lobster Mac and Cheese
lobster mac and cheese

However, if you don’t have any more noodles left on you, we’ve got a Lobster Mac and Cheese dish that’s just as good! This Mac and cheese is filled with fresh chunks of Maine Lobster and topped with a Lobster- Mascarpone cheese sauce. Honestly, it’s love at first bite.

So there you have it, the makings to a wonderful and noodle-filled month.

Buon Appetito to Noodle Lovers Everywhere!

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