Eggs— the good, the great, the tasty

Guess what today is, National Deviled Eggs day! And boy have we been getting a "crack" out of that...

But aside from the fact that today is dedicated to what has to be the best picnic side dish ever, eggs really deserve a whole lot more credit than they're given. Because not only do they taste good, but they're good for you. Were you aware of all the health benefits eggs possess?

The Protein

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Eggs contain 6 grams of high quality protein. That means that if you eat two a day, you're taking in 12 grams of protein that will help sustain your mental health and physical energy daily. It also means that you're getting a quarter of the daily recommended dose of protein.

note: USDA recommends that a person who is 19+ consume at least .8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight daily. 

The Calories

Aside from being high in protein, eggs are also low in calories. One egg is only 70 calories! So if you're trying to keep your breakfast at 100 calories or less, eggs are perfect for doing just that. Not to mention, they're also 100% sugar and carb free, so you don't have to worry about taking in anything bad while getting a nice filing meal.

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The Weight Control

Then there's the fact that eggs help you lose weight and maintain the weight loss! The protein content in eggs helps to maintain muscle and keep you full longer, which helps you to resist snacking. Eggs also provide your body with a great amount of energy because eggs do not upset your blood sugar and Insulin levels. In turn, this helps you to avoid "crashing" in the middle of the day and helps to give you an energy boost for a good workout!

The Body Preservation

But if nothing else can sway you about why eggs are so great, then the way eggs help maintain normal bodily functions should. Inside the yoke of an egg is a chemical compound known as Choline. And not only does Choline help maintain normal cell activity, but it also helps maintain normal liver function and helps pass nutrients through the body as well. And with nutrients being passed through your body, this means that your vital organs can maintain regular functioning and your health is preserved.



So with all that being said, celebrate National Deviled Egg Day with pride. The good ol' egg is nothing short of EGG-cellent!


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