Cookout Dinner for Two

Item #: GGD44
Serves 2
Features four items

Cookout Dinner for Two


This all-American grilling feast features your backyard barbecue favorites. This meal will have everyone singing the National Anthem!

2 - Beef Filet Mignon (5 oz.): highest-quality filets, from the center of the loin, are wet-aged for a juicy, refined beef flavor
1 - Macaroni & Cheese Casserole (20 oz.): a rich harmony of a béchamel-based sauce featuring a sharp blend of fine artisan aged cheeses and perfectly "al dente" penne pasta
1 - Chocolate Creme Swirl Cake: moist, tender chocoalte cake filled with a sweet cream icing
12 - Coney Island Dogs: all-beef mini franks with tangy mustard and sauerkraut, hand-wrapped into Phyllo dough