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Rack of Lamb

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Another Mackenzie coup. The classic frenched rack done to perfection Special care yields an exceptionally tender cut with a deep, rich flavor. Our rack of lamb is trimmed of all excess fat making it easy to prepare - out of the package and into the oven. A gourmet meal par excellence. One 8-rib rack serves 3-4 and weighs 1 1/3 lbs.

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Single Rack of Lamb Item #: SRK14
Double Rack of Lamb Item #: SRK28
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Season meat before cooking. Allow meat to come to room temperature before cooking. Pans, grills and cooking surfaces should be hot, without fat, prior to cooking. Let meat rest before carving.

Cooking Rack of Lamb: cooking time for racks for lamb varies by size of the rack. A large rack may take as long as 25 minutes. Searing the rack before roasting gives a crisp, brown exterior and helps melt any untrimmed fat. To test doneness, insert a meat thermometer in the thickest portion of the meat. 125 degrees indicates rare and 130 degrees indicates medium-rare.