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Hackleback & Paddlefish Caviar

Evoking the best characteristics of European sturgeon. Hackleback caviar is a beautiful sturgeon roe with a glistening black hue and an intense, sweet nutty flavor. The colors of Paddlefish roe range from pale to steel gray, often with underlying gold and brown tones. The flavor is rich and complex, reminiscent of Caspian Sea caviar's. Both of these exquisite caviar's are sourced domestically. Chose from Hackleback or Paddlefish caviar, available in sizes ranging from 4 ounces to 14 ounces. Each ounce of caviar serves about 1-3.

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Hackleback Caviar - 4 oz. Item #: HCK35
Hackleback Caviar - 7 oz. Item #: HCK65
Hackleback Caviar - 14 oz. Item #: HCK15
Paddlefish Caviar - 4 oz Item #: PAD04
Paddlefish Caviar - 7 oz. Item #: PAD07
Paddlefish Caviar - 14 oz. Item #: PAD14
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Store in coldest part of refrigerator. Serve on Blini with Creme Fraiche, or serve on water crackers or toast points.

Sturgeon caviar roe, salt.